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Parent login system offers several smart solutions for staff,admin and parents

Heading a school is a challenge. You have to delegate responsibilities to your staff and admin. You have to ensure parent are informed about the happenings in the school. There are a host of other things which you want your staff to do. So think ahead and get a smart school management solution that will take care of everything at the touch of a button!

Online Examination System

With the development of the Internet technology, online examination has become more and more popular since it helps people save much energy and time. It provides an efficient and effective way of teaching and learning. It is very much useful as it manages time by reducing lengthy process of conducting examination. Students can get instant results by automatic evaluation system. A Competitive atmosphere is created for the students by switching to this system. Beneficial for students to conduct a paperless examination.

Admission Management

A robust suite of products enabling you to manage your complete student admission process.
Admissions are changing. Right from the way students are interacting with institutions, to how institutions are managing the entire admission process, every aspect is evolving day by day. There are multiple stakeholders involved throughout the admission journey, who use scattered solutions and work in their own silos. This leads to a systemic disconnect between the stakeholders, mismanagement and inefficiency of processes, assumption-based decision making, and poor conversions.

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